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Pipebagmaker.com is a family run business with over 50 years experience in preparing hand sewn pipe bags. Today we make and supply Northumbrian / Scottish small pipe bags, Highland, Welsh, Lowland / Border pipe bags, Uilleann, Veuze / Le Biniou pipe bags and many others. Sweden, Poland, France and Czechoslovakia are just a few of the places we supply with pipe bags for their native bagpipes.

The cowhide we use is specially treated so that it 100% airtight and does not require seasoning. We have had feedback from a few Uilleann pipers informing us that they have been playing their pipes with the same bags that we made and supplied them for 21 years. That shows the quality of the workmanship and durability of the hide we select.








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Bellows are permanently on hold until further notice - 03 March 2013
Bellows are permanently on hold until further notice
Shout out for Jackie Boyce Bags! - 21 July 2011
"I've been using his bags on Northumbrian pipes for years and i just wanted to mention him on here. His bags are really A1 in terms of quality, airtight out of the box..."
Waiting times - 15 July 2011
Due to the increase of orders in items, the waiting times for pipe bags to be started will be 7 days from when order is placed and processed through Paypal on website, bellows will be 10 to 14 days. I apologise for these delays, though some orders will be completed earlier depending on items ordered and stock at hand. Thanking you for your patience. Jackie Boyce
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